Last chance until the Fall

We’re having our last Café Scientifique Morris of the 2005-2006 school year tonight, at 6:00, at the Common Cup Coffeehouse here in beautiful downtown Morris, Minnesota. Our speaker is Mark Logan of the Mathematics discipline, who’s going to be talking about “Origami in Math and Science”—that wonderful interdisciplinary stuff we liberal arts colleges do so well, tying together math and art.

It’s a good thing we’re doing it tonight so that we don’t suck away Sean Carroll’s audience for the Café Scientifique Chicago tomorrow.


  1. says

    On a related topic, Science on Tap (, the Seattle science cafe, met last night. Our topic was “Extreme Life: Creatures that breach the barriers of our existense” presented by Bevery Pierson of the University of Puget Sound. A wonderful presentation about our ancestoral friends in high saline and high temperature environments. Very fascinating.

  2. Greg Peterson says

    PZ, didn’t I see that the May Cafe Scientifique in Minneapolis on May 9th is being co-sponsored by the Morris CS? And on Antibiotics in Agriculture with Timna Wyckoff? Sounds to me like your efforts have hit the bigtime. I’m looking forward to attending, not least because the Varsity Theater is such a funky venue…with wine.