Geek Prom on tape


Chuck Olson has captured Geek Prom 2006 on video. Be prepared to be shocked: there’s the talent show, the spaz dancing, the coronation, parades of geeks in strange costumes, and most terrifying of all…nerd nudity. Not safe for work or individuals with any sense of taste or propriety.


  1. idlemind says

    Those of you wanting to view this at work: Other than a guy with a weird tongue and a quick reference to amateur proctology, you’re safe except for the last ten seconds.

  2. jeffperado says


    When I first read this, my eye saw “Chuck Colsen” and I thought, now what the heck was he doing there??

  3. says

    Not safe for…individuals with any sense of taste or propriety.

    Well, no worries here then. Rock on, GeekProm!