Amazingness for those of us who didn’t go

Jody Wheeler is at James Randi’s The Amazing Meeting, and is blogging the event. If you aren’t there, now you can find out what you’re missing.


  1. says

    OT, but Sean Carrol was on NPR Science Friday (I hear donly the second half of the show) today talking about evo-devo. I am assuming there will be a podcast posted later today or tomorrow. Nice parre of a creationist near the end and an interesting response to the abiogenesis question. He’s good!

  2. MikeM says

    I would love to see James turn his weekly newsletter into a blog, just like the Bad Astronomer did. Blogs are way more entertaining than newsletters.

  3. John C. Randolph says

    Wow, this takes me back.. I still have my card with “Pigasus” on it, which identifies me as a member of the orignal 2000 Club.

    Say, PZ: remember that clown Peaty from sci.skeptic? I wonder if he’s yelling himself blue in the face about his “astrology that works every time”.


  4. says

    I’m trying to blog it, but the hotel wireless sucked big time. I have some more to say, but now I’m at a different meeting and won’t have much time!

    Yes, PZ, I may very well recommend having you next year. If you want of course; let me know!