1. SEF says

    In the planetarium, the team is working on a catwalk that is going to be installed above the dome so that the next step of the sprinkler system can be installed.

    Perhaps that’s for the bit of the story where all the water for the flood magically comes out of a canopy through holes in the sky dome (crystal or bronze, depending on precisely which version of the myths). It’s going to take a bit more rigging than that to get an animatronic dragon to fly across and knock stars out of the sky dome though (ie for the other end of the story book).

  2. says

    I was laughing too until I read:

    Friday, January 13th, 2006
    We want to praise the Lord for His many blessings. On Wednesday we reached a milestone – $20 million in funds have been raised for the musuem.

    $20 million? I’m sorry, but I find it depressing to see how much people will pay for gargantuan piles of bullshit.

  3. judgemc says

    I don’t know if anyone will be interested in this but tonight at 8:30 p.m. est on Nickleodean there is a special coming on called “God, Science, and the Classroom” (I think that’s the title). It’s supposed to have kids talking about the ID/evolution controversy. I will be watching it because my child watches Nick quite a lot and I want to know what they say about ID.

  4. Frank says

    This is a really, really great site. Keep it up! I will be reading regularly from now on, for sure.

    Some related sites you might enjoy browsing… – The Libertarian Defender (atheist, skeptic, libertarian) – Kill the Afterlife – Evangelical Atheist

    Lots of great stuff to find on the Web. Cheers, and keep the new posts coming! From what I’ve seen, it’s really exemplary work.

  5. says

    If they’re expert fabricators, then why are their lies so obvious, even to the particularly dimwitted dog at my side?

    This might be construed as my saying that creationists aren’t as bright as particularly dimwitted dogs.

    I plead the Fifth.

  6. says

    I don’t understand how one can posit that speciation only takes place within “kinds” and not create new “kinds”. If one acknowledges that evolution takes place, then surely one also has to acknowledge its general applicability. I guess “fabricators” pretty much fits the bill.

  7. patrick tinkham says

    The “nick news” segment was interesting. I liked the fact that the program was structured such that evolution had the first as well as last words on the subject. It also featured scientific rebuttals to ID’s claims, rather than the basic “equal time” crapola one gets on CNN.

  8. says

    This only brings to bear the insane urge I feel to mate with pretty daughters of fundies and religious leaders.

    20 million clams? 20,000,000?!? Can you imagine the beer I could buy with that? Sheesh…

    Anyhow, back on topic? Thanks for the link and for the page that Inky included for arguments that should not be used. The irony is there was no page consisting of FAQs for pages that a creationist should use?

    Personally I’m just a skeptic and haven’t decided who’s right but I’m pretty sure that you’re all wrong somehow. But, that’s just my opinion I suppose.