1. lt.kizhe says

    I’ve been saying that birds are the pinnacle of evolution for decades, although i wasn’t specifically thinking of penguins when I said that ..
    I will refrain from mentioning a certain annoying meme from here…..

  2. Ktesibios says

    Anyone remember the “scientific penguinism” story arc from Bloom County, back in the early ’80s?

    Sometimes I wonder how judges who have to deal with ID-related cases manage not to echo the judge in that lawsuit:

    “Clear the court, you loons! This is @#$%^&*( ridiculous!”

  3. afarensis says

    They didn’t boot Opus because of his chart, they kicked him out because of Penguin Lust (to mention another old story arc from Bloom County).

  4. says

    Opus got it wrong. Mankind devolved from penguins, not the other way around. All us good Tuxologists know that. The Great Penguin, Tux, created penguinkind in His image as the perfect being, and then man devolved from penguinhood. But by participating in the Sacrament of the Herring, you, too, can find your inner penguin and attain perfect peace — penguin zen.

    Gosh, I thought *everybody* knew that, but apparently not!

    BTW, I am *SO* sueing the State of Kansas to teach Tuxologist’s theory of the origins of man in their classrooms. I mean, sure, it makes about as much sense as Intelligent Design. But, err, it makes as much sense as Intelligent Design!

    — BadTux the Tuxologist Penguin

  5. says

    I wonder what is the Intelligent Designer planning to design when he/she/it becomes tired of humans. Maybe we see chimpanzees starting to talk, like Caesar. Be warned, Planet of the Apes is in our future.

    Minister of Science Zaius in Planet of the Apes “…and God created the Ape in His own image…”

  6. super ju says

    Who knew that when Bill the Cat ran for president so many years ago that we would actually end up with him in office?

    Things that GWB and Bill have in common:

    *Dubious control over the engilish language
    *Past(?) drug use
    *Political puppet
    *Misspent youth
    *Unaccountable appeal to some women
    *Wears tighty-whiteys
    *Doesn’t like to read
    *Product of the ’80’s

    “Oop Ack” indeed.

  7. natural cynic says

    Long before there was Bill for President, I was for Alfred E. Newman. If there was ever a more cogent warning about getting what you were wishing for, I don’t know it.