Video: Beau of the Fifth Column on updates in Russia

As most of you are no doubt aware, Wagner Group, a private Russian army claiming to have 25,000 troops, has attacked Russia. The Group’s leader hasn’t declared war on Putin, per se – he’s claiming to be after corrupt leaders in the military. That said, I think it’s a distinction without a difference, at least right now. As usual, I think Beau has a good take on this – the outcome will probably depend on the Russian people, and whether or not they decide to get involved. Given the Wagner Group’s cuddly relationship with neo-Nazis, it seems unlikely to me that their rule would be much different than Putin’s, so it’s not a change that I’d personally be willing to fight for.


  1. Rio says

    Ok this isn’t about Russia. I just watched you talking about Roy Epps. You spoke about others who instigated on Jan 6th. There are so many who should be charged with stochastic terrorism and no one is doing anything about that aspect. At least not yet. By the way love your podcast.

  2. says

    Hi Rio, I’m glad you like his videos/podcast, but I’m not Beau, I just post his videos sometimes! I’m very sorry for the confusion! You can find Beau’s patreon here if you want to support him, and his main youtube channel here

    For myself, well, I hope we get something real out of the current trials, but if I’m reading you right, you’re more talking about media personalities and politicians who’ve been drumming up hatred in general, as well as the propaganda campaign that led to the Jan 6 coup attempts. I agree – that’s a serious problem.

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