Video: Beau of the Fifth Column on why it’s important to understand US capabilities

I am generally of the opinion that it’s good to have an accurate understanding of the world, whether or not that understanding is uplifting or encouraging. If the situation is bad, that’s not great, but pretending it’s better than it is doesn’t seem like a good way to get to a better situation. While I don’t think that war is a good response to it, the U.S. empire is a problem, and a lot of that has to do with the primary tool of that empire – its armed forces. The unfortunate reality is that the U.S. has actually been getting something for the trillions it has spent on its capacity to wage war. Anyone who wants the kind of global change that we here at Oceanoxia are seeking, will need to consider that.


  1. lochaber says

    GAS@1> I think so, I believe I’ve seen him wear that shirt before, and I think he tends to wear shirts that somehow relate to the subject he’s talking about (haven’t watched this particular video yet…).

    Major problem, is that his camera rarely shows much of him below the shoulders, so unless he stands up in front of the camera, or you can recognize it from a previous video, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s on his shirt…

  2. says

    It’s almost certainly the gonzo fist. I don’t know a huge amount about “Beau”, but I do believe that that’s his perspective on/style of journalism.

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