Video: What the new “Climate Declaration” doesn’t tell us

Well, I’m still sick. It feels different from yesterday – my sinuses feel too hot and dry rather than full of gunk – but I’m still out of it enough to want another day “off”.

Thankfully, a blast from the past is here to save me!

Longtime skeptic/atheist types are probably familiar with Peter Hadfield, known on Youtube as Potholer54 for his work debunking creationists, and overseeing the Golden Crocoduck award, for lying in defense of creationism. He’s also done some good work debunking climate deniers, and exposing their bullshit. I hadn’t thought of him in a little while, but recently I saw a new letter/petition “signed by hundreds of scientists” saying that there’s no climate emergency, and it made me think of him.

Sure enough, he was good enough to pop up and demonstrate how this letter is as much empty propaganda as its predecessors. This is an old tactic, and as you’ll see if you watch, a predictable one.

It’s not warming, but if it is, it’s not humans doing it, but if it is, there’s nothing to worry about, and – get ready for this one – there might be something to worry about, but there’s nothing we can do, so we shouldn’t try.

I also like the fact that we can see that our climate action – woefully inadequate as it has been – has had some effect.


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