A thorough dismantling of The Bell Curve

It would be nice to live in a world in which long-standing bigoted views of race and society no longer held sway, but I think it should be clear to most people in 2020 that this is not the case. The same vicious psuedoscience that provided moral “justification” for slavery, apartheid, and a million other atrocities continue to be popular, and continue to fuel white nationalist movements around the world. As such, I think there is merit in understanding the basics of The Bell Curve, one of the most popular bits of modern racist propaganda, and going through the problems with that book, its claims, and its conclusions. It’s a piece of work that gives a superficial impression of caring about honesty and accuracy, to provide cover for ignorance and misinformation.

This video is long, but worth watching in is entirety, even if you can’t do it in one sitting. Shaun does an excellent job of demonstrating how this book – and its authors – are fractally wrong.



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