New podcast episode – climate defeatism

Come one, come all, and hear me talk about how I have no patience for people who peddle the notion that we’re all doomed!


  1. StevoR says

    Thanks for this. Exactly. I do think it’s a huge worry and too many people are likely to go from Denier’s to Defeatists because it plays into the easiness of not doing or changing anything.

    The analogy I like to use is that its like being in a car heading for a wall at high speed when a crash is inevitable. You’re going to hit the wall but if you do nothing – or worse, hit the accelerator – you’ll hit it much higher velocity and do more damage whereas hitting theb rake, doing all you can to reduce speed can mean hitting that wall much slower and doing less damage.Oh and everyone and everything is riding with you in that car.

  2. StevoR says

    I also strongly agree on having serious consequences for the Deniers and the politicians and media figures who have committed us to this Overheated Hothouse world with ever more and worse climate related disasters. They are responsible for many deaths already and so much pain & suffering to everyone now and indefinitely into the future that you can’t even begin to calculate it. Time we introduced – and, yes, made retrospective – laws about Crimes Against the Future & Crimes Against the Environment.

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