I have a podcast!

Did you ever want to know what I sound like?

Do you already know, and crave to hear more?

Would you prefer to listen to this blog, rather than reading it?

I have good news! Starting today, I’ll be publishing audio versions of various blog posts!

For now, it’s just on Podbean, but in the near future I’ll be adding them to Youtube, and possibly other platforms. I’ll also b embedding them in blog posts here, if you don’t feel like going elsewhere. Now you can listen to my work while you commute, game, do dishes, or anything else, really.

At minimum, I’ll have a new episode up every Sunday. As time goes by, I may look into expanding this aspect of my work, but for now, enjoy the new medium!

Hey, did you know that in this capitalist hell-world I need something called “money” to get shelter and food? It’s true! It’s also true that because of the global pandemic, there are literally hundreds of people applying for every job to which I or my wife apply, and nobody seems particularly eager to hire immigrants here. If you want to help out, you can do so for as little as $1.00 USD per month (about three pennies per day) at patreon.com/oceanoxia

My patrons are a collection of wonderful people who want to support the work I’m doing, and are contributing a little bit of their earnings to help me keep providing free content here! You could join them in that endeavor, and earn my sincere gratitude, as well as some extra content every month.

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