American Justice: Get debt for being human, go to prison for being in debt

The American economy has been structured to force anyone who’s not wealthy into debt. All humans will require healthcare at some point in our lives, and politicians from both major parties have played a huge role in ensuring that when you get sick, you can’t afford treatment.

Faced with the choice between debt and death, most people choose debt, in the hopes that they can find a way out of it. Now that debt is being used as an excuse to ensla- imprison people.

This is not an accident. This is not “the free market” – this is people billionaires funding judicial campaigns so that they can indulge their megalomania and push us closer to fascism and slavery. Let’s not forget that many modern companies made large fortunes off of the American slave trade, as well as from the policies of Jim Crow and Segregation. These people never wanted slavery to end. They never wanted Segregation to end. They never wanted labor laws.

Their only allegiance is to money and power, idolized in themselves. Given the opportunity, they will enslave you, and they’ll use your government to do it, just as they always have.

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