Reminding police to prevent crime rather than baiting children into committing it

I really don’t understand why it’s so difficult for police to think of ideas that don’t seem calculated to punish poor people for being poor and living in poor areas. In this case, police literally targeted poor children by parking fake Nike trucks with shoes in them near places like basketball courts, and leaving the doors open. ‘Cause we all know that children always fully understand the ramifications of their actions, and are known for their self control, so only the really bad ones will take something they want when it’s just sitting there!

Fortunately, people caught on and organized a “counter-sting”:

If the cops have the money to set up a sting like this, then they have money to spend on food for hungry kids, or school supplies, or to help run afterschool programs, or to provide counseling for families that can’t afford it. They’d improve the odds of a good life for kids in their community, and they’d make their own jobs easier and safer in doing it.

I don’t have high hopes, but I think the CPD’s investigation of this should result in police continuing and supporting the work of the folks who set out the anti-bait trucks to save their kids.

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