Pruitt Resigned! Now what?

EDIT: Pruitt is being replaced by his deputy, Andrew Wheeler. More on him soon.

Living in the Trump era has made me more than a little paranoid. I think it’s a good thing that Pruitt is out, but I do not trust that he left for the obvious reasons. I would very much like to be wrong, but I doubt this will mean an end to Pruitt’s agenda, or to deliberate waste of resources. Twenty years ago, I think we could expect that Pruitt’s resignation would be followed by his incarceration, and some level of contrition from his defenders. Ten years ago, I would expect Pruitt to be replaced by somebody who is much more boring, and will push ahead the exact same agenda with less flambouyant corruption.

Now? Now I’m not so sure. For all I know, the “new normal” is escalation, and the next person will be Charles or David Koch, or Joe Barton.

This could be a victory, but I think it’s far too soon for celebration.

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  1. DonDueed says

    The problem here is that he was booted out only because he was embarrassingly corrupt, not because he was inversely qualified for the job.

    Early returns on Wheeler are not encouraging.

  2. alixmo says

    The Republicans will continue their quest of dismantling the regulatory and welfare state for the pleasure of rich people/industrialists like Charles Koch. One guy is gone, but nothing will change. In the meantime, this is happening:

    Headline: “Global temperature rises could be double those predicted by climate modelling / Researchers say sea levels could also rise by six metres or more even if 2 degree target of Paris accord met”

    What is wrong with humanity? There is a crisis and nobody even cares! Are we really so easily “brainwashed” by vested interests? Is Climate Change at the same time too big for us and too slow for us to comprehend?

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