Get well Marcus Ranum

Marcus Ranum is offline due to a health issue – he has written about it on his blog. I wish him a speedy recovery.


Even though the hospital visit seems to have futile, I am glad that Marcus Ranum didn’t ignore the symptoms, but instead got medical attention.

This hits rather close to home, as one of my close friends is currently in hospital due to a blood clot in his brain. He fortunately recognized the symptoms, and called an ambulance, which took him to the hospital straight away. Now, he is recovering, but he will have to relearn some motor skills. If he hadn’t recognized the symptoms and called the ambulance, the outcome would have been completely different.


  1. lorn says

    Marcus Ranum always struck me as a smart cookie, now we see he lives up to billing by making the right moves. Most of us, including myself, would have a nap and see if it passed. A very bad plan if we want to have functional brains.

    Marcus Ranum, leading by example. Smooth move. Sounds like he caught it early. Good on him. Good chance he fully recovers. I wish him well.

    Let this be a warning. Nobody is getting any younger. Strokes and clots are serious business. When in doubt call 911.