The vaccine rollout has started in Denmark

Like everywhere there has been some bumps during the upstart, but the vaccinations has started in Denmark, and there is now a plan for how the vaccine roll-out is going to happen.

The plan is obviously in Danish, but it runs through June, and most people will probably be in group 12 (over 16 or 18 years). The name of the category shows that it hasn’t been decided the age cut-off for vaccination is 16 or 18 years. I am guessing that it is likely that children will get vaccinated after all the adults are (high-risk children are already vaccinated in this plan).

Currently just over 100,000 people have received their first dose, which is approximately 1.75% of the population. This number includes everyone living in nursing homes.

I will almost certainly be in the general group of vaccinations, so it might take up to half a year before I get my vaccine. I obviously hope to be get it already in April, but fully understand why those of us not at risk, have to wait until it is our turn.

The plan is going to be updated regularly so it reflects the actual progress and the delivery rate of vaccinations, but even if it subject to change, the mere fact that there is a plan that one can look at/follow along, is somewhat of a relief.


  1. Katydid says

    It’s so nice to see a plan, and it looks like your country is stepping through it with typical Scandinavian efficiency. Best of luck to you!

  2. says

    So far Latvia has gotten 23 400 Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses, enough to vaccinate 11 700 people. Here people who are in charge decided to store half of available vaccine doses in freezers to make sure that everybody can definitely get their second shot on time.
    As of now 6076 people have already gotten their first shot.
    Here the main bottleneck is vaccine availability, politicians and doctors are pretty serious about making sure that available vaccines are put in people arms as quickly as possible.
    In addition to getting enough vaccine doses, the other main problem are antivaxxers. So far vaccines are available only for doctors, and I read in the news that in one hospital only 10% of workers decided that they want to get vaccinated. That’s crazy.
    We also have a similar graph to the one you posted. The difference is that I can hope to get a vaccine in July.