Squirrels: working for Mike Pence?

A sharp-eyed friend has just brought to our attention the latest intel on the squirrel menace. Due to the highly disturbing nature of this image, I have placed the surreptitiously snapped photo behind the fold.

WARNING: suitable only for viewers 18+ years of age.

Pushing cigarettes on children?! Is there no level of depravity to which the squirrels will not stoop?

No. No there is not. I strongly suspect they are working with the nation’s most prominent tobacco pusher Mike Pence, in order to get our nation’s kids hooked early and thus ensure a second term for President Pence.

[h/t Vanina]


  1. says

    This is taking it too far! Squirrels would never work with a human! When they finally take their place as the rightful rulers of Earth, slander like this will merit the sternest of chitterings!

  2. StevoR says

    I think they’d rather work for acorns. Not sure what what they’d do with a Mike Pence as salary – bury him? He’s going to be buried by being picked by Trump before they can get to him surely! ;-)