Complain, Complain: Actually, I try not to anymore

A week of silence after just signing on requires a small explanation.

These past two months I’ve been through a wringer of job hunting, training and starting at a new company, trying to keep my legal visa active, getting information out of a transgender clinic, dental care, apartment hunting, moving and no time to have fun – especially missing out a few friends’ going away parties.  And for all that, it’s only the last one that really bothers me, my friends leaving.  Living in a foreign country is a transient lifestyle with year long friendships.

I don’t have problems.  I have inconveniences, annoyances, irritations and too much to do, but not problems.  A problem is being harassed, facing violence, homelessness, poverty, legal proceedings, etc.  So for those who have problems, I hear you.

My minor issues are coming to an end having found a new job, apartment and all my visa issues worked out.  I’m finally free to enjoy the upcoming LGBT Pride Parade happening October 29th, here in Taipei.  I went for the first time last year, this time should be a lot more fun with many more people to go with and a better camera.  There will be photos.