You guys are AWESOME


You know that fundraiser I mentioned? (The one for paying off our legal debts from the SLAPP suit?)

Well, this month you guys have surpassed yourselves with generosity and awesomeness. At last count, donations from this month’s fundraiser add up to a whopping…

Thank you! We are massively grateful, and are starting to feel we can look forward to the time (still some ways off, but getting closer…) when we actually have all debts settled and can use these fundraisers to raise money for worthy causes (other than getting ourselves out of debt, I mean).
You guys are the absolute best. I hope you’re all having wonderful and fulfilling weekends, and that good things continue to happen for you.
P.S. We’re having an on-line thank you party live on YouTube tomorrow, at 15.30 ET/12.30 PT/20.30 BST (if you go to that link, you can add your own time zone to find out what time it’ll be for you if none of the above fit). Here’s the link to the YouTube channel:

Feel free to come and join in in the comments! All non-trolls welcome!


  1. blf says

    A minor quibble: There is a worldwide readership. But the time(s) are only given for USAian zones (and Lisboa / Dublin / London). I always suggest also giving the time in UTC — most people seem to know their local conversion with UTC, far more so than that with any USAian zone. (Ironically, USAians are perhaps the least likely to know their local conversion with UTC !)

    Incidentally, this event is at 19h30 UTC.

    (Yes, I know there are zone converters, and I used one to check my own mental calculation… but that they exist is rather missing the point.)

  2. Dr Sarah says

    @blf: Hey, thanks! I hadn’t thought of that, as I don’t normally see UTC used (maybe because I live in a country that only has one time zone?) and was barely aware it existed. I’ll have to remember it if I’m promoting anything like this in the future.

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