Freedom So Dear

Americans know what’s best for themselves.  I don’t know why I have
Particularly contrary epiphanies around this time of year with such
Regularity, but bear with me yet again.  All this time I’d been thinking
I was among the wise ones, getting vaccines, using a mask, all that
Loser kinda shit.  But who was I to stand in the way of nature, and to
Frustrate God’s designs?  We’ve been proven wrong by this plague
Of COVID-19.  Nobody predicted the disease would be able to persist
Over the long term like this, nobody had any wisdom that could have
Left us COVID free.  This was always going to be the outcome and
Satan sez protecting yourself, your country, and your loved ones
— should always be optional.  We can’t do any better than
—— nature and should live like beasts.  Beasts 4 Jesus.
——— Amen.

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