“You Can’t Hear Me Knocking” Sucks

You know that song by the Stones where on the chorus it sounds like Mick is shouting “Gimme nummy-nummies!”  I always forget the majority of that song’s runtime sounds like worse Santana.  Like instrumentally a very generic Santana song, but with half the guitar presence.  Strange call, guys.  I guess sometimes you don’t have an idea for where to go with your song and got an LP to fill.  “You Can’t Hear Me Knocking” sucks.

Lately the first five hours or so of my Fridays are spent drifting in and out of consciousness listening to music and recovering from general sleep deprivation and stress.  Not a bad time but easy to feel guilty about it, heh.  Happy Friday binches!


  1. lanir says

    If you’re that worn out from your work week then the best thing you can do for yourself and anyone else that depends on you is to actually take a break during your break from work. Don’t feel guilty about it. That kind of working yourself to death work ethic is one people shove on you to control you better. It’s common in jobs that don’t pay well. So is being treated poorly or dealing with BS like “the customer is always right”. They’re all a kind of power play to get you to beat yourself up. If you’re busy expending your energy on that you aren’t going to be using it to ask for more money or better hours.

  2. says

    I don’t think it’s so much that the job is bad or exploitative. It is the most intellectually challenging job I’ve ever had, a bit emotionally demanding by necessity, but not unfairly so. I have decently generous vacay and sick leave by USA standards and I cut myself back to 4 days a week besides.

    Mostly I’m just a busted old unit. Inherited degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis from dad, the sadness of people in my proximity an unavoidable tax on my emotional resources too. I stay up too late on work nights trying to get the most out of my life.

    Sometimes you just have no choice but to work hard until you get over the hump, or go under it. I’ll most likely get over it, but thanks for the concern, bud.

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