Inktober 2018, the Rest of ‘Em

Content Warnings for Images: Blood, Gore, Artistic Nudity, Sexual Creeping

Here’s the rest of the month, 12 days late. I’m not going to put a proper visual caption on these. They’re OK for a bit of visual distraction if you can see, but they just aren’t worth the effort to describe. It’s so much digital ephemera. For this (my first) Inktober, I combined the Monsters & Mythology prompts plus the Official Prompts.

Going with the spirit of Inktober I didn’t allow myself much digital work. For example, I allowed myself no additional strokes or distortion / warping – though I broke the distortion rule for the image of the “Zmey.” I don’t have every color in the universe, pen-wise, so I did allow myself subtle use of adjusting contrast, hue, saturation, brightness. I felt some drawings looked too spare without a base color, so I added a fill or gradients to those.

You can still tell I did the under-drawing for all of these with a yellow sharpie, so I couldn’t erase it. I think that kinda stuff looks fun in a drawing but I know some people hate it, so sorry about that. In this batch, I put more effort into disguising that somewhat with color replacement on a number of the pictures.

As I got through the last half of the prompts, my content got a little more creepy. Let me know if anything was too much. Proceeding thus,

inktober 15th 2018

This is “Manananggal” + “Weak.”


inktober 16th 2018

This is “Tikbalang” + “Angular.” I like this guy a lot. I have a feeling of yokai that they have a barely restrained urge to scare people, like funhouse employees gone wild. This monster from the Philippines had the same feeling for me. As an outsider to both those cultures, let me know if that’s wrong in bad way.


inktober 17th 2018

This is “Bannik” + “Swollen,” or is it “swole”?


inktober 18th 2018

This is “Yeth Hound” + “Bottle.” A yeth hound is headless and makes scary noises. This witchy lady is harvesting that for future use.


inktober 19th 2018

This is “Puca” + “Scorched.” I was originally going to make those standard bunny ears, but couldn’t resist a certain pop culture reference.


inktober 20th 2018

This is “Hyakume” + “Breakable.”


inktober 21st 2018

This is “Dakuwaqa” + “Drain.”


inktober 22nd 2018

This is “Zmey” + “Expensive.” This is the only drawing that was so badly distorted in the original draft I digitally corrected it. Might still be a little off, but close enough.


inktober 23rd 2018

This is “Questing Beast” + “Muddy.”


inktober 24th 2018

This is “Smargl” + “Chop.” This is the only one I’ve given another title to: “Deregulation.” The simargl was an apocalyptic beast chained to a star. My meaning, beyond that, is obvious enough.


inktober 25th 2018

This is “Indrik” + “Prickly.”


inktober 26th 2018

This is “Stoor Worm” + “Stretch.” The stoor worm is yet another apocalyptic beast, this time one that exudes poison. For some reason, thinking about the apocalypse makes me think about a shitty orange troll.


inktober 27th 2018

This is “Likhoradka” + “Thunder.” The likhoradka bring disease and fevers, and I’d imagine headaches. That’s what this represents.


inktober 28th 2018

This is “Tangie” + “Gift.” The tangie was an unwholesome merman that preyed on an island. This village lady has something for his punk ass.


inktober 29th 2018

This is “Poroniec” + “Double.” I wonder if I should have made this an image of Team Rocket deploying an embryo demon against Pikachu.


inktober 30th 2018

This is “Wulver” + “Jolt.” I await the anglers in the comments telling me how much I fucked up the technical side of this art.


inktober 31st 2018

This is “Lampago” + “Slice.” Fuck this one for getting Electric Six’s “Slices of You“ stuck in my head.

The lampago is a European monster concept, but as lions are extinct in Europe, maybe the only lampagos left could be from further south.



  1. avalus says

    Oh No, the dreaded mongolian Unicorncavalry! No wonder the Khan was so succsessful!
    I think you are really good at “catching movement” (I lack a better word, I hope you know what I mean), especially with the wolf angler and the punching octopus.

  2. says

    Artists sometimes use the word “movement” or phrases like “capturing movement” to describe that. In terms of the construction of a drawing, that’s called the “gesture.” Thanks, avalus. <3

  3. voyager says

    Great series Satan. Your wulver + jolt looks bang on to me, right down to the wide-eyed “OMG Shore Lunch” look.

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