In the Wake of Recent Events

I’m going to stop blogging about political topics. Cheeto Hitler and his merry band of moustache twirling masters of evil are trying to fire everyone decent in government, pack the emptied seats with literal nazi sympathizers and people who won’t be happy until the poor are eating rusted nails and dying at the age of thirty, and putting the most wasteful gas-belching nation’s environment – and therefore the well-being of the entire planet – in the hands of fucking fire demons.

Anyway, the horrifying dracula-esque theft of my household’s healthcare was the last straw. I can pay attention to politics, or I can have a few moments of happiness before I die in a gutter. I doubt I’ll be able to hold to this resolution for long, but for now expect more posts about movies and nonsense.

Incidentally, I’m in this probationary period at my job where if I miss two days they’ll fire me, in defiance of state law no doubt, but that doesn’t matter to them or me at the end of the day. So I’m gonna miss the J20 protests. In honor of the struggle, on that day I’ll be making a rare round of small one time donations to some of my fellow impoverished bloggers, such as Ania & Alyssa, Alex Gabriel, and so on. I’ll spend at least the entire day’s wages on it.


fight the power

animated image from The Raid 2

With that, I’m out.


  1. Great American Satan says

    You’re in a feisty mood today. But then, I posted the movie violence imagery, so I guess I set the tone.

    There’s some interesting stuff about violence and the willingness to die for La Resistance in Masha Gessen’s writing on nybooks. One thing about how this affects me:

    I have dependent family, I need to hold my job. When I say die in a gutter, I mean we already have very little and The Man is going to easily take all of that. Any health issues worse than we already have, other forms of bad luck, and we could hit that ditch collectively. Until then, I have to do my best to care for my people, which means not getting arrested or killed.

    But to what extent is “keeping my head low” as bad as collaboration? While every new action of the creeps drains me of hope for my country and the human species, I still have half a hope that something will click for us (as in just my fam), some angle we’re working will take off, and we’ll beat the clock. We’ll survive, maybe do better than we’ve done before, at least for a while. It’s a slim hope, but I won’t be doing anything dangerously radical to risk it.

    I’ll worry about gutter plans later, if I’m not dead from preventable conditions first.

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