Pastor collects $700,000 in relief donations, disappears


On today’s issue of “Shady White People,” Holly Renken has been accused of running off with $700,000 in Houston flood relief donations:

The Houston flood victims have reached out to me because, apparently, you don’t answer your phone or respond to emails, and they are DYING to know:


Over $700,000 was raised and not a PENNY has been given to these displaced families. So tell me, my good friend, can you fill us in? I’m not accusing you of shit, but there’s quite a lot of SHIT going on and the people need answers — and dollars.

Everyone else, here’s what’s going on:

– In mid-April, Houston suffered a catastrophic flood that damaged over 12,000 homes.
– Thousands of families were displaced and in response, the city of Houston sent them to various hotels and motels nearby
– But out of nowhere, these families received eviction notices from the hotels.
– With no home to go back to, families all over the city are HOMELESS.
– Mothers, babies, and children are living out of their vehicles or struggling to find a temporary place to stay.

Everything Looks Good!… Right?

– Unknown to the flood victims, the city of Houston set up a massive charity event called “Houston Recovers Live.”
– Organized by Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner, TV Superstar/Pastor Joel Osteen, and singer Clay Walker, this musical event brought in big stars like Yolanda Adams and Brian McKnight to raise money for the victims.
– In addition to this event, the Houston Rockets donated $500,000, Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings donated $100,000, and JP Morgan Chase tossed out $50,000.

Enter: Holly Renken

– Out of nowhere, Holly Renken, an event organizer and “activist” of God, reached out to the Black community of Houston for help.
– And by help, I mean MONEY. MONEY. MONEY
– Holly organized charity events, took photos and broke bread with local Black Houstonians, and received donations through her personal website.

This Is Where Things Get Really, REALLY Fucked Up:

– After receiving eviction notices from the Hotels, families reached out to Holly Renken for help.
– But according to her posts on Instagram, Holly is LONG GONE.
– Holly and her team LEFT THE COUNTRY
– Families contacted the Mayor’s office for more information on the donation money and their answer was simple:
– “We don’t know because we don’t handle the money — only a non-profit organization can. But if you want, you call 211 to locate the funds.”
– The families called 211.
– 211 has NO IDEA what’s going on.
– PLOT TWIST: Holly Renken has a non-profit organization.

Where Are We Now:

– AT LEAST $700,000 is missing.
– Not a SINGLE Black family in Houston has received relief funds.
– Mothers with disabled children and elderly parents are HOMELESS.
– The city of Houston advised families to seek refuge in a HOMELESS SHELTER.
– People have been contacting Holly Renken NON-STOP
– Holly ain’t picking up.

So, Holly,


We need answers.
And we need it yesterday.

I can’t corroborate much right now (I’m on a limited budget and would rather not deal with the number of long distance calls that would take to the States). I will update if other media outlets find anything that changes the story.

In the mean time, enjoy this example of racist, opportunistic, religious assholery. And they call us predators.


First Update: LLAG, the Facebook page reporting on this, is collecting comments from others that state they are familiar with Renken and corroborate a long history of exploitation and theft. Same link as above.

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