Time for a New Doctor

Time to take a break from political disasters for some SF news: Peter Capaldi is leaving his post as The Doctor.  Which means we’ll need a new Doctor.  I’m voting for Susan Calman.  And I’m not the only one:

And, yes, cat-preferring folks tend to get my votes.  But, shhh, don’t tell anyone around these parts….


  1. says

    There was a running gag after the series rebooted that the Doctor was disappointed that he wasn’t a ginger yet. I doubt we’ll ever see the Doctor regenerating as a woman or a PoC.

  2. AndrewD says

    @ Isilzha Mir,
    If you remember, when the Doctor killed The General in the last episode of the last series, he regenerated as a woman, at the time I said that the Script writers were putting down a marker and (to coin a phrase) “trans-gender regeneration ” was not impossible. I do not expect the new Doctor to be a woman but it is not impossible. i would like to see the Doctor to regenerate as a Woman of Colour -just imagine the screaming from the misogynistic bigots who hate SJW.s.

  3. AndrewD says

    To add to my earlier comment, The Master was regenerated as Missy although this was slightly different as i believe the Master had run out of regenerations.

  4. codeslinger2001 says

    Actually, in the first Doctor Who story written by Moffat to ever be broadcast, the Doctor regenerates as a woman and is played by Joanna Lumley. See: The Curse of Fatal Death. She is now 70, three years younger than John Hurt when he played the War Doctor. Just a bit of food for thought……