From Around the Web: 16 January 2017

A few links of interest from around the web, plus an update on the reading group:

  • I wondered if this would happen: “John Lewis’s clash with Donald Trump sends the civil rights hero’s book to No 1“.  Yes, it happened.  After hearing about the initial exchange, I reminded myself that I had planned to get a copy of March myself some time ago, but hadn’t yet.  So I’ll be adding to the sales….
  • So much is happening right now in US national, state, and local politics that events can be difficult to follow.  Here’s a useful article from The Texas Tribune on how to narrow your focus: “Analysis: When watching lawmakers, think of the high school cafeteria“: “Here’s a trick for observers who want to keep up with at least some of what’s going on: Figure out which group you want to follow, and then watch what they’re watching. Think of your high school cafeteria: cool kids, nerds, band kids, tough kids, jocks, cheerleaders.”
  • Reading Group: I will have this month’s reading group post up on the 21st for The Left Hand of Darkness.  And as a reminder, the book for February will be Monteverde: Memoirs of an Interstellar Linguist, by Lola Robles and translated by Lawrence Schimel.