From Around the Web: More Reactions to the Recent US Election

A few links from around the web regarding the recent US election:

Coode Street Podcast, Episode 291: Radio Free America. Jonathan Strahan and Gary K. Wolfe discuss the US election results and what we can take from SF regarding the current political situation.  Strahan and Wolfe touch on the fact that SF’s reach may not be that great in the scope of the population as a whole.  That said, they do note the fact that SF is well suited for taking a critical look at politics.  (Here’s a link to the Internet Speculative Fiction Database listing for John Sladek’s 1973 story “The Great Wall of Mexico.”)

Philosopher Matthew J. Brown discusses the role of his discipline and how he can effect change in “Philosophy Under Trump.” He concludes that “Our politics is in a crisis of values, and [philosophers’] experience, knowledge, and skills here are much needed.”

In her recent blog post, “Nattering Social Justice Cook: Stay the Course,” SF author Cat Rambo discusses privilege, the divisions we see between ourselves and others, and what she’s doing in light of recent events.

SF writer Cheryl Wollner lists speculative fiction venues that feature diverse voices in her Luna Station Quarterly post, “Lit Mags that Love.”  Also check out her previous post, “Love and Solidarity,” in which she reminds us that “The more [women] write, the more we publicly exclaim that women’s stories matter. Women’s voices matter.”


  1. StevoR says

    Can I suggest this online article here :

    which includes the following gem of info :

    About 60.35 million voted for Trump; ~60.98 million voted for Clinton. 46.9% of registered voters did not vote, and the U.S. has a population of 324.97 million. Yes, ~18.6% of the U.S. population, less than one in five, has set us on this course.

    Which means that 81% of Americans did NOT vote for FakeTan Franco and yet he’s now POTUS-elect. Something this Aussie observer (nonetheless effected by the USA’s election like the rest of our planet) finds rather staggering.

    Also if you’re not read in them already I’d highly recommend reading the Bad Astronomy blog by Phil Plait & Stonekettle Station by Jim Wright which have both written about the election and US politics among other things as well as blogging on SF & science.

  2. says

    Thanks, StevoR, I’ll check those out. I do read Bad Astronomy, though not as often as I would like to. Another instance of too much to read, too little time.
    The non-voting numbers are stunning, aren’t they? And given Trump’s recent phone calls and his refusals of intelligence briefings, I fear not only for our country but for our world. Not that I didn’t soon after the election results, but now the potential disasters appear to be materializing even before he takes office….