Pepsi’s new ad is even more disgusting than their products

#TheResistance will indeed be commercialized:

I’m not going to waste time adding to the sea of voices deconstructing this saccharine bullshit.

Pepsi is gross and bad for you anyways – probably don’t drink it.


  1. Siobhan says

    I’m sure the cops will say thank you for the free Pepsi right after dragging your face across concrete.

  2. says

    Siobhan: Perhaps not. Maybe now cops will realize that we are united in our shared affinity for brown sugar water and we can enter a new era of trust and respect.
    Chigau: Hah! Yep, I wasn’t alive. I’m stunned this didn’t result in world peace.
    Marcus: I ABSOLUTELY thought of Hicks. Pepsi’s really going hard after that feel-good protester dollar – huge market.

  3. A. Noyd says

    Besides “buy Pepsi,” what on earth is the message they’re going for with that turd?

  4. quotetheunquote says

    My first thought? “Who the hell’s Kendall Jenner, and why should I care?” (Don’t tell me, I know it’s something to do with television, I can look it up; it’s just another sign that I don’t really live in the 21st century).
    But back to Pepsi – a commentator on CBC radio’s “As it Happens” last night pointed out something rather obvious (but important): this wasn’t just a single, horribly misguided idea put forward by some marketing writer; this was a big-deal production that went through many layers of executive approval. And apparently nobody, in all that time, said “ummm … you guys do know that this is REALLY offensive, right?” Talk about the danger of “group think.”