Pepsi’s new ad is even more disgusting than their products

#TheResistance will indeed be commercialized:

I’m not going to waste time adding to the sea of voices deconstructing this saccharine bullshit.

Pepsi is gross and bad for you anyways – probably don’t drink it.


  1. Siobhan says

    I’m sure the cops will say thank you for the free Pepsi right after dragging your face across concrete.

  2. says

    Siobhan: Perhaps not. Maybe now cops will realize that we are united in our shared affinity for brown sugar water and we can enter a new era of trust and respect.
    Chigau: Hah! Yep, I wasn’t alive. I’m stunned this didn’t result in world peace.
    Marcus: I ABSOLUTELY thought of Hicks. Pepsi’s really going hard after that feel-good protester dollar – huge market.

  3. quotetheunquote says

    My first thought? “Who the hell’s Kendall Jenner, and why should I care?” (Don’t tell me, I know it’s something to do with television, I can look it up; it’s just another sign that I don’t really live in the 21st century).
    But back to Pepsi – a commentator on CBC radio’s “As it Happens” last night pointed out something rather obvious (but important): this wasn’t just a single, horribly misguided idea put forward by some marketing writer; this was a big-deal production that went through many layers of executive approval. And apparently nobody, in all that time, said “ummm … you guys do know that this is REALLY offensive, right?” Talk about the danger of “group think.”

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