Oh, Those Poor Snowflakes!

Mind your manners, boys and girls!
The G.O.P. will clutch their pearls
And (as one correspondent vouches)
Swoon upon their fainting couches!

Monocles will drop from eyes
In shocked (but dignified) surprise;
Tongues will cluck–both hers and his–
At… calling something what it is.

Apologies to you, tongue-clucker,
But Trump? He is a motherfucker.

I went to find an article to link for context, but found so many I could choose from that I decided it was not necessary.


  1. StevoR says

    Excellent. :-)

    Love your work here.

    One very small nit though – isn’t Trump really more of a daughter-fucker instead? ;-)

  2. says

    Is this ironic, sardonic, barbaric, a jest?
    Would you eat it yourself or serve to a guest?
    What part would you give–arm, leg, rump or breast?
    Me, I’m particular to testicular– that would be best.

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