The atheist internet’s growing—no knowing
How big it will be by the time we are through
Two dozen new blogs and a network, I’ll bet, work
A whole lot of progress toward what we must do
My friends—all the people who mattered—have scattered,
But really, they’re only a few clicks away
I’ll visit them often—their writing’s exciting—
And always think back on what started today

It is really strange, being the silverback. I have been here since before FtB began; I have welcomed new bloggers (and said goodbye) before.

The thing is, this is growth. This is excellent. This is good stuff.

If you are amongst those rarest of the rare who come to FtB through my site, you should check out the new neighbors!


  1. chigau (違う) says

    I’m glad you are still ‘here’.
    But as you say here is just a few clicks away.
    and also
    we are large
    we contain multitudes
    silverback cuttlefish …
    I hope someone can manage a nice visual

  2. Die Anyway says

    “Me too”s are so mundane but… re #3 and #5… me too.
    Ever since Ed Brayton left, my visits to FtB have been greatly reduced. Every visit here starts with Digital Cuttlefish and from that I may look at Pharyngula and Richard Carrier. A couple of others I used to check in on have moved to Orbit. So now I attend 3 congregations — FtB, Pathe(tic)os, and Orbit, plus a few individual blogs that haven’t joined any group. It has actually become a problem in that I have spent 10 – 12 hours just sitting and reading some days. Need to get out more.

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