Do Your Job!

Over at One News Now, there are two stories of a conflict between faith and employment. Juxtaposed as they are, it is still utterly predictable to see the Muslim told to find another job, but the Christians told they are being persecuted.

I don’t care if you’re a Muslim
And you need to keep your beard—
It’s the Navy’s regulations,
So you’ve got to get it sheared!
It could put your life in danger
(Plus, it makes you look a slob)
If you can’t do what we ask you,
Time to find another job!

I don’t understand the garbage
That gets passed as “law” these days—
Now the Christian clerks in Florida
Are forced to marry gays!
Thanks to activists in courtrooms
And the same-sex-marriage mobs
There are honest folk, whose Christian faith’s
In conflict with their jobs!

There’s a pattern you might notice—
An intelligent design—
Your work should come before your faith…
Unless your faith is mine.

As always, even more fun is to be seen in the comments. (protip: never read the comments!)


  1. says

    The solution for the Muslim is simple: join the Royal Navy. (Strangely they only allow full beards and prohibit moustaches without beards and non-real-men® wimpy beards—neither of which should be a problem for a real-muslim-man®.)

    The Christian clerks will need a more extreme solution that probably includes getting a life.

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