Political Cartoons: Syria vs Pennsylvania

Making fun of politicians
Is a noble, grand tradition—
In the freest of societies, the poking never stops!
But… be careful with your freedom—
Watch your fingers; you might need ‘em
You can razz the politicians, but you mustn’t fuck with cops.

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania
See the F.O.P explain, ya
Gotta show respect for cops, or they’ll retaliate in kind
Their resentment clearly lingers
Still, they didn’t fracture fingers,
So they still can be the good guys, in their sick and twisted mind.

Wow. Last time I wrote about political cartoons, it was because a Syrian cartoonist had had his fingers broken for drawing something that offended the wrong person (please do follow that link; the story is shocking). On the other hand, that cartoonist’s reply, broken fingers and all, is still my favorite editorial cartoon ever.

Fast forward to this week. The Bucks County Courier Times published a cartoon that showed a queue of children–African-American children, specifically–in line to talk to Santa. The kids’ Christmas wish? “Keep us safe from the police.” Heartbreaking, but understandable! A poignant and clear editorial cartoon. And it is the job of political cartoons to say true things that make us uncomfortable. Well…unless you represent the Fraternal Order of Police, in which case the cartoon was several steps too far (unlike, say, the shooting of Tamir Rice).

Here, take a look at the cartoon and the letter from the FOP.

And yes, the cops are owed a response of some sort. I’m thinking, probably, this one.


  1. sailor1031 says

    It does not seem that Mr McNesby is much given to introspection. Any more than the NY FOP who don’t want the mayor to attend funerals of police – as rare as those events are. One wouldn’t have expected such sensitivity from the police especially as they so often fail to show any in their work. Maybe if police had to do an hour or two a day of zazen in the meditation hall? They could sure use a little serenity.

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