Before The Beginning

Day one was the day in which God creates light,
And the Earth—which came first, if my thinking is right—
Day two, we get water, both vapor and sea;
Then land, and some gardens, we get on day three;
The sun, and the moon, and the stars, on day four;
Day five we get fishes and birds by the score;
Day six we get animals, Adam, and Eve;
Day seven He rested, or so I believe.

He wrote it, of course, so he gets to be hero…
But what did God do on the day before zero?

If God is eternal, but matter is not,
Then He was here first (and by more than a lot!)
An eternity spent before we were here sinning,
Unless, of course, God has, himself, a beginning…
Either way, he was here before water or light
So… what was He doing, on minus-six night?
Was He here by his lonesome? Or here with some friends?
If so, for how long? Cos “before” never ends!

Sure, some can be hidden, with magic or tricks…
But what did God do on the day before nix?

If God is eternal, what happens before
Day Minus-Six-Million, Three-Thousand and Four?
Omniscient, and thus well aware of His fate,
With billions and trillions of eons to wait?
Did He sit there, divinely and utterly bored
As He waited the very first Year of Our Lord?
Since space—indeed, time—had not yet been created,
Seems God only knows just how long He has waited.

Can theology tell us—I think that it ought—
Just what did God do in the days before nought?

I’ve lost track of what I was reading that put this notion into my head. A comment somewhere, but where?


  1. aziraphale says

    There is an answer, from an un-named person quoted by St Augustine in his “Confessions”:

    “He was preparing hell,” saith he, “for those who pry into mysteries.”

    Augustine himself seems to say that God was doing nothing. As time had not been created, he presumably wasn’t bored.

  2. Joan says

    What was God doing before he made us?
    I don’t even know why we make such a fuss
    Over what God was up to all during that time.
    Perhaps he was stirring primordial slime.

    But if we are made in the likeness of God
    Then I’m thinking like us he was equally awed
    And way puzzled (and this is much more than a whim.)
    He was wondering who is the heck had made Him.

  3. CatMat says

    Before the beginning
    When boredom was winning
    Said He “Well, alright!
    Let there be Light
    So We’ll see some sinning.”

  4. says

    Q: How did Something came from Nothing? / What or When was before Time?

    A: God Did It!

    Some Believers jump straight past any reasoned answer – even an honest one like We Don’t Know (Yet / Entirely) – to their Magic Cosmologist. But it’s a zero-sum game: if they stay there and don’t hang the accountability of nature on God, they’ll be pure of faith and risk ignorance; if they try to mold or carve their God into compatibility with science, they are gutting the very premise their faith is based on and thus selling out.

    Unless of course God(s – all of them) truly exist. But I don’t think the Universe could possibly be that perverse.

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