The Muppets Take The Mall!

The National Mall, that is–the Muppets are moving to the Smithsonian! (Great pics and story at link)


Scooter: Places, everyone! Five minutes till curtain!

Fozzie Bear: Has anyone seen my hat?

Miss Piggie: Now, where did that Hope Diamond go? I was wearing it just a minute ago…

Gathering throng outside:
It’s time to buy our tickets
It’s time to shout “hooray”
It’s time to go and visit
All the Muppets on display!

Miss Piggy:
It’s time to wear the diamond
If only for today

It’s time to raise the curtain
On the Muppets on display!

Kermit (who has lived at the museum since 1994):
Our national museum
Is where they’ll settle down
You know you want to see ‘em
Whenever you’re in town

Miss Piggy:
It’s time to see my Kermie

I don’t know what to say

It’s time to get things started

Gathering throng:
Why don’t you get things started?

Kermit, others joining in:
It’s time to get things started
On the most sensational
Come and see the Muppets on display!

Miss Piggy, wearing the Hope Diamond. Smithsonian photo, by Cade Martin.


  1. Cuttlefish says

    The question isn’t whether or not you sang it, the question is whether you sang it in your best Kermit and Miss Piggy voices! (Which, of course, I did. I do a kick-ass Kermit, and an excellent Miss Piggy as well.)

  2. Pliny the in Between says

    How else would one imagine your rhyme except in the native voice of the cast. Beaker is the patron saint of our lab. Whenever somebody starts to whine too much we pull out the beaker hand puppet and start going ‘meeemeeemeee…’ We find it works better than an HR department.

    I also do a good Miss Piggy, and a passable Kermit but I’m definitely better at the Mel Blanc voices. Marvin the Martian being a particularly strong rendition.

  3. trucreep says

    Haha of course Miss Piggy is all “no big deal” on wearing the Hope Diamond! She’s a legend herself!

  4. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Excellent stuff as usual, but I admit to a feeling little unease over the title considering the events in Nairobi over the last few days. I know it’s probably just coincidental, but I did wonder what I was going to find when I came to this one.

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