… And In Pope News…

The pope now says
He welcomes gays
Which fills the throngs with hope
“I have no right
To pick that fight—
I mean, what am I, the pope?”

Headline: On Gay Priests, Pope Francis Asks, “Who Am I to Judge?”

But he did say the door was closed when it came to women in the priesthood.

I guess it really is easier to get forgiveness than permission.


  1. cswella says

    of course, they’re fine with gay priests, they just don’t want the gay people to have sex. Being tolerant while underhandedly pushing them down.

  2. Trebuchet says

    Sinner/Sin, Love/Hate, Blah Blah Blah. Perhaps my college buddy, a gay (former) priest, will now rejoin the church.

  3. grumpyoldfart says

    This new Pope was commissioned to get pedophile priests off the front page.

    He’s done rather well hasn’t he?

    All we’ve heard since last Easter is that Francis is a humble man of the people who personally pays his hotel bills, uses a not very expensive car for daily business, and loves tolerates gay people.

  4. angrymudcrab says

    This is meaningless. It has been the Catholic position for a while now that being gay is not inherently wrong. All it means is that it is a temptation you have to resist while on earth, and that the suffering incurred by resisting it is a good thing that will make you holier. Gay sex is still an abomination and a mortal sin(aka one that will land you in hell and is classified along with murder and rape). In point of fact, any type of sex that cannot potentially result in pregnancy is a mortal sin. This is why the RCC opposes condoms and birth control. It is also why masturbation is also a mortal sin. The idea behind it is that it is attempting to appropriate god’s authority over life. I was raised Roman Catholic, and nothing has changed doctrinally, it is just trying to put a nice spin on the nasty truth.

  5. zackoz says

    The hypocrisy is strong here, isn’t it!

    “I really shouldn’t be judging these poor people”, says the head of the organisation which has judged them endlessly for millennia.

  6. haitied says

    But really nothing has changed. It’s a meaningless PR gesture at best. “We’ll accept the homosexuals, just so long as they stop acting so gay” >.> Real cute.

  7. says

    I dunnow why, but your hed reminds me of a silly rhyme we would sing as childer back in the old days in the old country (UK) “I’m Popeye the sailor man./I live in a watering can,/with a hole in the middle where I do my piddle/etc. etc.” though now strangely transmogrified into:

    I’m Pope, I, the papal man.
    I live in a vatican,
    where I accepts gays,
    If they never strays.
    I’m Pope, I, the papal man.
    Ding! Dong!

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