1. UnknownEric is GrumpyCat in human form says

    I’ve been listening to that, UB40’s “Madam Medusa,” Elvis Costello’s “Tramp The Dirt Down,” and Hefner’s “The Day That Thatcher Dies” all morning.

  2. RSC says

    I said i see no joy
    I see only sorry
    I see no chance of your bright new tomorrow

    So stand down Margaret
    Stand down please


  3. says

    Ding! Dong! The wicked witch is dead.

    I left England just before she became PM (though not because…)
    I always remember, when she became Ministress (?) of Education and promptly did away with the 1/3 imp. pint of milk that children got at school, that demonstrators against her were chanting “Margaret Thatcher milk snatcher!”
    I think her concern for people went down from that high.

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