The Current State Of The Political Race

With Democrats mostly extolling the polling
Republicans argue it’s biased or skewed;
They’re both showing near-universal commercials—
In swing states, the voters count thousands they’ve viewed!
This week marks the start of debating; we’re waiting
To see when the last “undecideds” might choose;
The very last moment, they “abracadabra!”
And magically say who will win; who will lose.

Though some leave predictions to mystics, statistics
Quite strongly, right now, lean the Democrats’ way;
That doesn’t stop Romney and Ryan from tryin’
(Their plans, true to form, they’re refusing to say)
The details we know are, at present, unpleasant—
And both sides have ads that they hope will appall…
With only mere weeks till the voting, I’m noting
Increasing desire to be rid of it all!

Image: Michael McRae


  1. says

    If this election season has taught me anything so far, it’s that I hate election seasons.
    That said, election day is the day before my birthday. So please, people, go out and vote. If the election goes the wrong way and you didn’t vote I will hold you personally responsible for ruining my birthday.

  2. Thinker says

    America, off to the races, now braces
    Itself for the fighting it has to endure.
    Through negative polarization, the nation
    Will hear of its sickness, but naught of a cure.
    The elephants trumpet, each donkey brays on key,
    About their opponent’s claims not being true,
    While voters feel left out and lonely when only
    the white noise remains – nothing red, nothing blue.

    Alas, I think all this invective’s infective,
    Increasing with every vicious attack
    All nuance gets lost, and the fashion is bashin’,
    while black-and-white thinking becomes the new black.
    The pol I am currently missin’ would listen,
    Searching to find common ground and a bond,
    Striving to always keep reason in season.

    *Sigh*… I might as well wish for a magical wand.

  3. thunk, Blob Alert! says

    Nice job, Cuttlefish.

    What about those of us unable to vote? Are we at fault too?

  4. says


    thunk, Blob Alert:
    Yes! I blame all of you!
    Haha, actually no. I probably won’t blame anyone either way. It’s just sort of fun to say I will, as if my birthday were actually that important.

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