Headline Muse, 2/16

The school board in Cranston was feeling
The pressure some locals were dealing:
Some hated the manner
They dealt with the banner—
They were, we agree, unappealing.

Headline: No appeal on Cranston prayer banner

It’s over. With any luck, it will fade into the woodwork and a week from now no one will even remember. Jessica will graduate, and half the audience at her graduation will boo. The other half will give her a standing ovation.

The second half are in the right.


  1. says

    I sure wish I could be there to give her the standing ovation she deserves. I’m really touched by her courage and initiative. And disgusted by the actions of the cowards who are oppressing her rights to exert her own freedoms. What a testament to hypocracy – these religious people who claim persecution but then go on to trample the convictions of others. What is worse is that the law is on Jessica’s side, and yet these selfish, narcissists claim an injury.

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