Another Atheist Christmas Card

Ok, this one really takes the “let’s out-Hallmark Hallmark” and runs with it. Cuttlefamily’s first christmas cards have begun arriving–one from a cousin who has an album of christmas hymns out. Seriously. Her cards always–always–have a bible verse, and a poem that is weapons-grade glurge.

So, below the fold… weapons-grade atheist glurge. Do not click if you are insulin dependent. Do not click if you are allergic to syrup. Do not click if you have just eaten.

But if you get the same sort of cards I get from my relatives, and want something equally saccharine to send to them… put on your protective goggles and look past the jump…

The reason for Christmas is bigger than Jesus;
It’s bigger than even a God up above.
The reason we gather together this season
With friends and with family, simply, is… love.

The stories they tell of a wonderful heaven,
The myth of a savior’s miraculous birth,
Are mere consolation for leaving behind
All the love we encounter in one life on earth.

More precious, more rare than the greatest of treasures
This life we are living—each one, we know, ends;
I wish you a love even greater than Christmas
And hope you will share it with family and friends.


  1. Gwynnyd says

    Awwww…. I love it! I guess I just really like Christmas without all that Jesus and savior stuff to muck up the good feelings of family and love.

    thank you.

  2. Pieter B says

    That’s not too syrupy at all.

    Since you’ve already stated that non-commercial use is OK, I just might send that to a few folks.

  3. Joan S says

    I have a group of friends who get together once a week and talk and paint or draw. We pretend we’re artists…one of the women does her own Christmas cards each year….I want to do one this year…but I am doing the Celebrate the Winter Solstice card….and can’t decide on anything….Maybe a sun rise? Anybody have a theme that I use? Lately I have been drawing with colored pencils but I am thinking of going back to water color.

  4. Cuttlefish says

    A dear friend of mine did solstice cards every year, hand inked. Usually elaborate sunbursts, stylized uniquely for each card–spirals, shimmers, varying colors. I think I still have mine, dating back a decade and two office moves. Really, there’s so much–snow (northern hemisphere bias alert!), ice, desolate gorgeous landscapes, sun or stars…

  5. Cuttlefish says

    Wait, though–I have a very specific squid-themed one you should try! Probably up in a day or so, unless you want it rushed.

  6. passerby says

    Is it wrong that I used this poem in the office Christmas Card that we sent to the Chaplain’s office? I don’t think it’s wrong.

  7. Mark S says

    Nice message! I like the “sweet” touch to it. Some others take a whole different approach. I’ve been enjoying lately where the cards are vicious BUT funny! I suppose you couldn’t give those to Grandma though.

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