Headline Muse, 8/22

They had gone to Hawaii to marry
Cos the laws, among states, tend to vary
By death they’re now parted
So lawyers get started—
Without equal rights, it gets scary.

Headline: Indiana stage collapse lawsuits could challenge state’s rules on gay marriage

It’s hard enough to sue for damages after an event like the Indiana stage collapse. An earlier story drew comments about vulture lawyers, greedy survivors, and cold-hearted people all around. But for Beth Urschel, there is insult added to injury; Indiana does not recognize her Hawaiian civil union. What would be a frustrating situation for anyone (the Indiana State Fair has a liability limitation such that their total payouts are capped at a fraction of what victims are currently seeking) will likely turn into a legal nightmare, ending at the Indiana supreme court, at minimum.


  1. aspidoscelis says

    I’m a Hoosier,
    but not a loser.
    Why must the government
    of Indiana always
    cause me embarrasment?

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