Happy Birthday To Me…

Yeah, well, I was going to wait until midnight to post this, but I’m sleepy. And old, too. So there. Besides, in some parts of the world it has been my birthday for over half the day already! Six July, wherever you are…

I’m not that old, it seems to me;
Not even half a century,
In truth a mere four dozen years—
It’s not as bad as it appears—
To live so long it is my fate;
The Cuttlefish is Forty-Eight.

Each year, I take a look behind,
To see what changes I may find;
The aching knees, the fuzzing eyes,
The clothes that seem a smaller size,
Who knows what other ills await?
The Cuttlefish is Forty-Eight.

The CuttleSpouse is doing well
Although the job-search sure is hell.
The CuttleKids amaze me still,
In truth, I hope they always will—
Who knew that kids could be so great?
The Cuttlefish is Forty-Eight.

This year was not the worst, or best;
I’m not elated, nor depressed.
There’s been some good; there’s been some bad,
As in each year I get to add;
So take a pen and mark the date—
The Cuttlefish is Forty-Eight.

So, yeah… Last year, my birthday was the last full day overseas (again, thanks in humongous part to my readers, without whose amazing generosity I would have had to decline my amazing opportunity), which I spent (among other things) climbing Mt. Vitosha, just outside of Sofia, Bulgaria. No way this year could have topped that, I suppose. Currently, I am preparing for another trip (so I wait that long to leave the continent for the first time, and I get to leave again in just over a year?), so this past year is a bit of a stay-at-home sandwich.

Anyway. Now, the important part. Would you have guessed 48? Older? Younger? Does this blog make me look old?


  1. Andy says

    Three dozen?Unless I missed something, last time I checked 48 was closer to four dozen.

  2. says

    Damn.See, the brain is, like, the second or third thing to go.I'll fix it, but leave your comment and my guilty admission here…

  3. says

    Many happy returns of the day, Cuttlefish. My spouse & I will both be turning 45 this year, so we're right behind you.

  4. says

    Happy birthday! And it never occurs to me to wonder how old brilliant people are. You are your own age, your own epoch. Your age is One Cuttlefish.

  5. says

    "I’m not that old, it seems to me"The crucial word, I feel, is "seems",the young at heart keep weaving dreams:What's done? What now? What next? What's left?What empty warp awaits my weft?Accept my greeting, though it's late,O Cuttlefish, at Forty-Eight!

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