Where In The World Now?

Just an octopus, happy, at play

Then we zoom out (we know that we may)

And it seems that the odds

Say that cephalopods

Are involved in the Last Judgment Day

(Took these pics today. Can you guess?)


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    I think that’s actually a nonopus. Probably one of the signs of armageddon. Or maybe Ragnarok.It sure looks as though you’re having fun (earthquakes excepted, of course)! I have no clue where you are. Italy?

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    Hmm. Definitely Orthodox. Looks Byzantine.I’m going to go out on a limb and guess Romania. This has so many of the elements seen in the Voronet Monastery.Am I close?

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    Hmm… I believe you are in a monastery in Bulgaria. A friend travelled there recently and showed pictures afterward. Although there are probably similar frescoes in a lot of places, I remember seeing the black and white arches, which I thought were an odd contrast to the colorful imagery of the murals. I can’t remember the name of the place, though…

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    Sounds like you’re having fun, DC – keep enjoying it, and please keep us updated!Regarding the monastery:The monks have gone modern at RilaAnd explain their renewal of zeal: “Ah,We consume the DivineNot as wafers and wineBut as nachos, washed down with tequila.”

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    Thought of Judgement of each critter’s worthFills your average fundy with mirth.But the catch, if God did,Is that He is a squid -And the beaked shall inherit the Earth!(Someone must have used this punchline before me, but I cannot for the life of me find any examples)

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