Say hello to the new neighbours!

Those of you who browse the front page may have noticed that it has grown by one name. What you maybe didn’t know is that it actually grew by two names. That’s right, folks, we’ve got some brand spankin’ new FTBloggers!

First up, Miriam Mogilevsky of Brute Reason:

Miriam is a progressive feminist atheist currently attending a Large Midwestern University and studying psychology. After that, she hopes to get a degree in social work and pursue a career that combines activism with counseling. When not doing school things, Miriam spends her time reading and writing about social justice, mental health, sexuality, and politics. Occasionally she also interacts with people and sleeps. A few of her other interests include Russian literature, photography, and Cheez-its. In addition, she enjoys asking people about their feelings.

We also have Near Earth Object, a blog by Paul Fidalgo

Paul Fidalgo is a writer, actor, musician, and professional skepto-atheist. As communications director for the Center for Inquiry (which totally does not endorse anything on this site), he writes the daily blog series The Morning Heresy, and is also a contributor to Friendly Atheist. He holds a master’s degree in political management from George Washington University, and his original music can be enjoyed here. He lives in Maine with his wife Jessica and children Toby and Phoebe. You can endure his tweets as @PaulFidago.

Both Miriam and Paul are crazy-talented and friendly individuals, and I am quite psyched about their joining. Go and say hello!

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  1. Paul Fidalgo says

    I would say hello back, but I’m too busy being crazy AND talented! Bleeargh!

    (And thanks!)

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