Ask Buddy Roemer Anything

If you are a Redditor, you may be familiar with the concept of an “Ask Me Anything” – an open thread where the poster will answer questions from the gallery.

Buddy Roemer, my official pick for the GOP Nomination, is now doing an AMA on Reddit.

Ask him your questions about campaign finance, about SOPA, about NDAA, about church/state separation, about whatever you like!

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  1. walton says

    From Buddy Roemer’s website:

    …we have a responsibility to seal our borders and ensure that those who enter our country do so legally.

    Buddy Roemer would enforce immigration laws, but welcome those that are here legally and consider policies to allow illegal aliens to return to their home countries and apply for legal entry into the United States.
    Immigration quotas should be adjusted based on the needs of the labor market to fill jobs, rather than working from a set number or policy.

    No thanks. If I’m going to support an unrealistic candidate, I’d rather have one who doesn’t support “enforcing” the institutionalized racism of America’s immigration laws. Deal breaker.

    And yes, I realize that Obama’s policy is no better. But since Roemer is not going to be elected, and supporting him is therefore an act of wild-eyed aspiration rather than a realistic political plan, I’d rather plump for a candidate who actually supports a sane policy on immigration (which has to include, at minimum, a general amnesty for existing undocumented workers). Discriminating against people based on their place of birth and the colour of their passport (and, in practice, their financial means and the colour of their skin) is morally and intellectually indefensible, and the only acceptable policy on immigration is an open-borders policy.

  2. Crommunist says

    His policy on health care is just as wrong, but the fact is that he actually listens to and communicates with other people. He’s not a wall of talking points. Out of all of the Republican candidates I’ve seen, he’s the only one that seems like a real person. Yes, he’s wrong on immigration, wrong on health care, wrong on gay marriage and wrong on the role of government – but from Republicans you take what you can get.

    The thing that he’s right on, however, is perhaps the thing that allows all of those other topics to actually be debated instead of simply bought and paid for. In that, he’s better than any Democrat I’ve seen (aside from Elizabeth Warren, and to a certain extent Barney Frank). You show me a Republican who is for open borders, finance reform, proper health care policy and sound investment rather than private sector turn-over, and I’ll change my endorsement. Until then, Buddy is a solid choice.

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