Tell the lie again and again

The Big Lie is repeated yet again. The Washington Examiner this time. In the second sentence of the very first paragraph, so that readers will have the story wrong from the outset. Yay journalism.

Professor Sir Tim Hunt had won every honor in his field, from Fellowship of the Royal Society to the Nobel Prize. But last month, the pioneering biochemist was dismissed from his post at University College, London (UCL).

From “his post,” the one that didn’t exist. UCL has never employed Tim Hunt. Tim Hunt has never worked for UCL.

The second paragraph introduces the lynch mob – instigated by a black woman, for extra points.

One of the women present, a lecturer called Connie St Louis, complained on Twitter about his “sexism”, triggering the usual lynch mob. By the time the professor had returned to London, his career lay about him in broken shards.

No, it didn’t. His career remains. The post-retirement portion of it got messed up, but the career itself remains. He’s still a Fellow of the Royal Society and still an emeritus at the Crick Institute.

Then the writer – Dan Hannan, a British Conservative MEP – goes on to say what’s all this fuss about the confederate flag. Lynch mob!!


  1. karmacat says

    It seems these people desperately want the narrative of a poor man victimized by women. It just reminds me of the MRA’s arguments, saying it is men that are the real victims and women have all the advantages. There was a recent article on Cracked describing how the oppressors keep their position over other people. I can’t find the article while I am at work but I think one of the techniques of oppressors is to label themselves as victims

  2. Athywren, Social Justice Weretribble says

    It keeps occurring to me, that whenever people feel it necessary to take a stand against the dreaded political correctness, they always end up throwing factual correctness out of the nearest window. I wonder why that is?

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