We ARE in earnest

The Global Secular tweeter is still saying opposite things from one tweet to the next – on the one hand it’s trying hard, it means well, it’s acting in good faith, it’s in earnest – on the other hand it calls me “my dear @OpheliaBenson” and “Ms Ophelia.”


On the one hand it’s totally answering our questions, on the other hand it favorites a tweet telling it to ignore criticism because it’s utterly baseless and obsessive.


Miranda Celeste Hale @mirandachale

@SecularCouncil I wouldn’t bother trying to reason w/those who are currently attacking you. Their criticism is utterly baseless & obsessive

Matt Penfold @mattpenfold_UK

Do you really want to be admitting that lack of racial and national diversity is not something to worry about?

Secular Council @SecularCouncil

Said it was something to worry about, several times. And, that we are working on it!

But then why favorite a tweet urging you to ignore critics and saying, untruthfully, that the criticism is utterly baseless & obsessive?

At this point I wouldn’t “follow” these “leaders” out of a malodorous swamp full of hungry alligators and mosquitoes.


  1. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    At this point I wouldn’t “follow” these “leaders” out of a malodorous swamp full of hungry alligators and mosquitoes.

    Sadly, they count on Miranda and her buddies to uncritically follow them to the ends of the Earth and beyond. Skeptics, my ass.

  2. Anthony K says

    Said it was something to worry about, several times.

    Those are some great intentions and all, but now’s a bit late for that. You see, right now, you are not, in fact, ‘global’. You’re actively lying when you call yourselves that. In reality, as opposed to the land of good intentions, you are misrepresenting who you are.

    And this is kind of an easy one. When deciding to name your organization ‘Global Secular Council’, the first thing you do should be to ask yourselves a few questions about it. Three-word name; three questions. Easy. And this process should come before you decide to host a website announcing yourselves high-fiving yourselves for being so smart. “Are we actually anything resembling ‘global’?” should come much, much, much earlier in the thought process of self-described ‘greatest thinkers’ than “For how many cat mascots should we write and post biographies to our website?”

    But until your intentions cease being intentions and start being reality, you might want to consider another organisation to add to your list of models and comparisons. After all the Discovery Institute isn’t really much about ‘discovery’ either. But they do assure us they’re working on it.

  3. Anthony K says

    And of course, it’s not like lots of these individuals haven’t fallen down on issues of race, nationality, and inclusiveness before. Unless they’re abjectly stupid, they should have anticipated that there would be pushback on this.

    So if they ARE in earnest when they say this actually is an issue of concern for them and they’re working to address it, why not deal with it right away and avoid the anticipated pushback and alienation altogether? Why is it so often after the fact with these folks? Why do they always need reminding?

  4. Al Dente says

    on the other hand it calls me “my dear @OpheliaBenson”

    Let us know when you’re referred to as “my proud beauty” followed by a sinister chortle and a swirling of the cape.

  5. says

    I have occasionally been called “Mr Bernard” in China so perhaps calling you “Ms Ophelia” is a sign of their ongoing diversification.

  6. rorschach says

    This is what happens when you let the work experience student run your twitter feed. AAI and Australian Atheists used to have the same problem. Although I have to say, it should be a warning to any decent and sincere person if Miranda Hale agrees with them.

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