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Help raise $27,000 in 60 days!

Contributions will be used quickly to purchase school materials and supplies for the educators and students in Domiz and Gawilan refugee camps. These purchases will be made locally to stimulate the surrounding economy. These seemingly “minor” needs, when left unmet, add up to a significant negative impact on the quality of education that each boy and girl receives. No child should have to go to class without school supplies and no teacher should have to teach students without adequate tools. Based on our experience in the refugee camps and our study of the crisis, we are convinced that there is an urgent need for a small, nimble team that can quickly assess specific education needs in the camps and rapidly meet them. TentEd is that team.

With so many big organizations already doing heroic work on the ground, why contribute to TentEd? Why not just support the big players? After all, they have long track records of success, experienced and dedicated staff, and a strong understanding of the refugee populations and their needs. We could not agree more. But here is one key distinction for you to consider: TentEd is NOT looking to duplicate work that is already being done. Our goal is to complement the efforts of the established organizations and meet a set of narrowly defined needs that are best suited for a small flexible team to address, not a big bureaucracy.

We at TentEd see ourselves as a small but essential part of a larger effort, an effort requiring gears of all sizes to effectively provide real and lasting support to a vital cause. When you donate to TentEd, we guarantee that your generosity goes directly into a classroom. The impact will be immediate.

Plan of Action

Our plan is straightforward. We intend to:

  1. Raise $27,000 over the next 60 days ending on June 10 – with your help!
  1. Visit Domiz and Gawilan refugee camps in northern Iraq in mid-June (regular classes and catch-up classes are ongoing year-round) to interview government officials, aid workers, school principals, students and camp leaders.
  1. Quickly assess and catalog basic education needs such as backpacks, notebooks, teaching aids and minor classroom repairs.
  1. Rapidly purchase the needed supplies locally to increase impact while helping stimulate the surrounding economy.
  1. Immediately distribute the supplies in collaboration with camp officials and leaders to ensure they go to the appropriate students.

– See more at: http://www.epic-usa.org/tented_mission/#sthash.nBD2uYAY.dpuf

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