A fruitless attempt at dialogue

Peter Boghossian said something interesting on Facebook (via Twitter, I take it).

I was just called a radical feminist for opposing gender segregation at universities.

I’d just been talking about someone going by the name Abdullah Ali who commented on the Universities UK blog and blamed “EDL white surpemacists and radical feminists” for their knee-jerk responses to gender segregation, so I was interested, so I commented. But I should have known better, because I got called “cupcake” for my pains. It’s radical feminist of me to take exception to that.

While I was typing that comment he edited the one I was replying to, to say “Antifeminists?” instead of “You’ll figure it out”.


And this is why I’m a radical feminist. (Not in the sense of being a TERF. The older meaning: a feminist who wants to change the culture, not just the laws.) Because I get sick of being unable to have a conversation of that kind without being called “cupcake” or similar. I get sick of being casually automatically insulted just for being a woman by an ill-mannered man.


  1. says

    Gobsmaked! What is wrong with people today? How does being opposed to gender segregation (separate but equal, anyone?) make you a radical anything? This person is an idiot.

    Reminds me of a conversation I overheard a couple of years ago

    Idiot #1: Blah, blah, blah, bitches
    Idiot #2: Hey, don’t call them that!
    Idiot #1: Call them what?
    Idiont #2: Bitches, chicks really hate when you call them that.

    Me: Sigh, please neither of you ever, ever breed.

  2. A. Noyd says

    Jafafa Hots (#1)

    Why does the “le” keep getting edited off the end of his name?

    Actually, it’s fine as it is. “Aho” means “fuckwit” in Japanese.

  3. sonderval says

    So if the label “radical feminst” is thrown around too much, it is best to avoid the ideology altogether.
    Then how about: if the label “radical islamist” is thrown around to much, it is best to avoid the ideology altogether?

  4. says

    The TERfs are pro-gender segregation, with all the ridiculous impossibility of checking chromosomal “sex” (Not possible), gonadal “sex” etc and ignoring the easiest way of telling if someone is a woman. Just ask them.

    In fact I was disappointed at the extreme islamists on the Chirs Moos post you linked to not answering the Qs on Intersex, gender identity and trans ppl. I wonder if they’d actually be more sensible than the TERfs and just go with identity. Although I’d imagine the idea of a penis in the “womens” space would tweak their bigot gland in the same way as it gets the TERfs going. Would be interesting to see anyway.

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