1. says

    Curiously, reading the post title, that’s not the kind of pot holder I imagined.
    I also can’t help noticing he has a spare hand in his back pocket

  2. Brownian says

    Curiously, reading the post title, that’s not the kind of pot holder I imagined.

    Count me among the disappointed novelty roach clip aficionados too.

  3. crookedmongoose says

    Looks to me more like he has a second hand GROWING OUT OF HIS WRIST.

    Creepy addition to an otherwise exploitatively hot image of a classic “man’s man”. Well played, Jen. Well played.

  4. David says

    Thats three, at least, lured in by the sensasionalist and ultimately dissapointing headline.
    What is it?

  5. Sachi Wilson says

    And you found this while escorting potential new grad students around Seattle, didn’t you? :-D

  6. Pierce R. Butler says


    Somebody please explain this to me, so I don’t embarrass myself by making a lewd proposition when I’m just trying to buy plumbing supplies…

  7. tort says

    Wait, is that meant to be a severed hand sticking out of his pocket? I’m completely as a loss as to what kind of tool that is supposed to be.

    I for one thought this was exactly what it sounded like. Perhaps that’s just my sheltered life.

  8. says

    Is that a four-by-four, or are you just glad to see me?

    He’s half buff, half skeleton, and has a serious case of Alfred E. Neuman going on with those eyes at completely different heights.

  9. Randomfactor says

    Sorry, Pierce, but when you’re dealing with male and female connectors and pipe nipples, it’s inevitabobble.

  10. Anonymous Atheist says

    I think the ‘third hand’ is supposed to be a glove, with a bad choice of colors.

    That looks like a handmade quilted potholder; the artwork was a small part of a large piece of fabric, likely sold from bolts over a yard wide. You can see little bits of other construction guys on the top and left edges. Imagine what the complete design could’ve looked like! ;-)

  11. Fitzgerald says

    I admit that for a second I thought that was supposed to be Jesus carrying the cross. Would have made it even more surreal.

  12. fullyladenswallow says

    Actually, that also had crossed my mind for just a split second. And it sort of fits, considering Jesus was said to be a carpenter and all. Even more surreal, would be taking Ali’s (#12) bacon concept and working that in also: A hard-hat Jesus carrying his own bacon-slab crucifix! I think Dali would have loved it.

  13. Irreverend Bastard says

    so bad it’s awesome

    You just described me!

    not the kind of pot holder I imagined


  14. Brakeman says

    Have you taken them to Seattle’s gum wall yet?

    Google it if you haven’t heard of it. You should post a “Jen” picture in front of it..

  15. David says

    OK Jen, but you have an international, and aparently, mostly oven glove heads, readership and although we know most of the (wrong) names you Americans use for things its always interesting to see another.

  16. Predator Handshake says

    That guy’s physique reminds me of Fitness Celebrity John Basedow. What ever happened to him?

  17. Svlad Cjelli says

    That’s not even an ovenglove/ovenmitt. It’s a grytlapp.

    And I still guessed what “pot holder” means.

    Is there another kind of pot holder I should know about?

  18. VikingWarriorPrincess says

    Grytlapp is what it looks like to me, way to small for an oven mitt. And it brings a whole new level of meaning to awesome.

    How can you walk with a tool belt hanging at groin level?

  19. Manphiso says

    We have wrong names? Its not even a glove though. Its a pot holder. Its just a thick square of cloth.

    Now if it was an oven mit, then at least we’d be on the same wavelength and could have the whole mit v. glove discussion.

  20. hkdharmon says

    Yeah, the UKers may have us on the whole “shop v store” controversy, but I think we USers win in that “pot holder” is a much more reasonable name for a non-glove item used for holding pots than “oven glove”.

  21. Pierce R. Butler says

    Oh Gawd – that Wagner Companies’ “Volute End”…

    I may not get to sleep tonight!

  22. fullyladenswallow says

    Yes, I can really see the draw to that configuration, but it’s the drive-on caps for me!

  23. April says

    Sir, I tips me hat to you. I would offer you an Internet, but I fear you may have already run out of room to store them all.

  24. Azkyroth says

    I’m not sure I agree that frustrating people who insist that arbitrary Britainese conventions are objectively right counts as “getting it wrong.” That seems like a worthwhile goal to me.

  25. Azkyroth says

    Welcome to the wonderful world of oblivious Britainese pretend-cultural-privilege. Don’t step in the gratuitous vowels.

  26. Timothy (TRiG) says

    Now, when I saw “pot holder” I assumed you meant a pot grab, such as might be used when you’re camping and, for reasons of space, are using pots without handles.


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