I’m off to defeat religion!

And by that, I mean I’m heading to the Secular Student Alliance‘s in-person board meeting. It’s kind of like the meeting of the Justice League. We both defend the world against evil-doers, right? Except that our strategizing involves poring over budgets and organizational goals, we require much more coffee, and our secret lair is in Columbus, Ohio.

Close enough.

I call Batman.


  1. SeanK says

    Who do you think would win a fight between The Justice League and the Secular Student Alliance? It’s a tough one to call.

  2. says

    We aren’t shown the Justice League poring over budgets and organizational goals, because it’s just not exciting to watch. Little known fact, they require heroic amounts of coffee. And their secret lair is in Columbus, Ohio.

  3. schism says

    Aquaman’s powers include commanding all marine life, which at the very least include octopi, squid, and Cthulhu. It possibly also includes anything descended from marine life, depending on how you look at it.

    Basically, Aquaman can sic a massive army of eldritch horrors on people more or less at will…exactly like Pharyngulation, actually.

  4. Svlad Cjelli says

    In old sources, before more specific language was needed I assume, “fish” and “sea life” et.c. were interchangeable.

    I for one grew up calling octopods inkfish.

  5. says

    I was having a hard time seeing a female Batman. Batwoman and Batgirl, sure, but Batman proper? I wasn’t sure until I found this:


    Now? Oh yeah, totally rockin’ the female Batman. Of course that begs another question, can you do the *voice*? Batman’s only real super power is his crazy smart intellect, you’re a scientist so you got that part covered, and that *voice*.

    So, do you got the voice? ;-)


    PS: Don’t care what the site says, I still get to be The Flash (running super fast is my “super power” wish [I’m afraid of heights])! :-D

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